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My name is Barley and here’s my story.


Rialto Bridge, Venice Italy
Manarola, Italy
black street light near brown concrete building during daytime
white and brown concrete houses near body of water during daytime

My Story

Four years ago, I hit the Powerball Jackpot when the nice family in Napa I lived with decided to relinquish me to Golden Gate Lab Rescue. I spent everyday in the back yard, and nights in the lonely garage all by myself. Once in a while I got walks, or the ball thrown for me, but for the amount of energy I have, it wasn’t enough. So when Karen and Tom showed up with a really pretty Golden Retriever named Shafer to meet me, I tried really hard to not explode with enthusiasm, but couldn’t help myself. A week later my new Mom came to pick me up in a car that didn’t have a top and I was so excited I barked the whole way to my new home. And boy-o-boy, there was a giant pool in the back yard and I love to swim. I was five years old that year, but I’m very energetic and need lots of exercise.